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On the trail of the elusive Wood White butterfly. Photograph by Rob Solomon

On the trail of the elusive Wood White butterfly

Hidden amid an unruly wilderness, just a stone’s throw from the bucket and spade charms of Lyme Regis, one of the UK’s rarest butterflies is taking advantage of a disaster zone.

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Sophie Wentworth invites you to listen to the birds

Sophie Wentworth Invites You to Listen to the Birds

If your bedroom window overlooks a garden or woodland, you will be keenly aware that the dawn chorus is in full swing. It may be a bit much, so early in the morning. But learn who is making all the noise, and you won’t mind being woken. In May, if you can walk through a wood with the birds invisible among the leaves and identify them all, and understand what they are saying, you will have gained a skill that gives pleasure for a lifetime.

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