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Bridport Tourist Information Centre

How to save West Dorset’s Tourist Information Centres: lessons from South Korea

New research finds that tourists who use social media visit Tourist Information Centres more often.

So, when West Dorset District Council suggests that it could stop funding TICs because “developments in new technology and in consumer behaviour require a radical change in information delivery across the tourism sector,” the council may be about to make a mistake.

Because the biggest trend in modern internet usage is for more and more time to be spent on social media.

Tourists want proper, reliable information from real people they can talk to so as to make sure they’re getting the best experiences for themselves and great material to share online.

Those are the most important findings from new research done by academics in South Korea, published in the international journal Tourism Management.

Rather than choosing to stop funding TICS, could West Dorset District Council instead help to make them busier, more useful to tourists and to the areas in which they’re based, and more financially successful?

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