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Marshwood Vale by Kerrie Ann Gardner

Visions of West Dorset with Kerrie Ann Gardner

Landscape photographer and artist Kerrie Ann Gardner has captured plenty of stunning images so far this year. Yarn Magazine’s Stephen Banks popped into her Tytherleigh cottage for a chat

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Lym Valley Croquet secretary, Steve Howard, about to play

It’s Just Not Cricket!

Guess the sport: it was dropped from the Olympics after its only appearance in 1900 for having “hardly any pretensions to athleticism”

One piece of its equipment sounds like it can be bought from a DIY shop. It’s been described as “chess on grass” by one of its players at a club in Uplyme, whose members turn out on Mondays and Thursdays at a cricket ground. The game’s popular (but not necessarily well-informed) image is of a genteel pastime more associated with period dramas like Downton Abbey, but that doesn’t fit well with the group I’m visiting who actually play the game.

It’s croquet, of course!

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