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Pat Bowcock living the quiet life — off-grid

Living the quiet life — off-grid

Anne King visits one of the area’s growing number of eco-homes to find out what’s involved in living off-grid.

It was 16 years ago that Pat Bowcock moved into a tiny caravan in an empty pony paddock on the outskirts of Litton Cheney.

She had a dog for company, but no power or facilities, or, it turned out on the first night, even a torch.

She had been living in a lovely house in Litton. She was married to a head teacher, was a mum with two children and had a steady job with a GP.

But she felt an increasing desire to live in a different way.

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Mr Snail At My Lettuces!

Every garden is full of eyes watching and noses sniffing as you dig a deep hole, fill it with compost and install a carefully chosen plant. As early as next morning, you may realise that you have given an expensive treat to some ungrateful roe deer, mouse or slug. If the plant does survive its planting, the buds, flowers and especially the fruit will later be under attack.

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