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Peter Knott and Steve Crate of Evershot Village Bakery

Business Questions: Peter Knott and Steve Crate – Evershot Village Bakery

Describe your business

We are still striving to be a traditional, 1960s-style family bakery. We are old-fashioned, and we are still making products that were made with exactly the same recipe, the same systems, more than 100 years ago. We are still making things with tender loving care — giving it time — which is where the flavour comes from.

Nowadays everybody pours chemicals in to speed things up, which means there’s no flavour.

And that’s why we are still here — it works.

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End of an era? Housing plans for The Court

A major planning application has been lodged for redevelopment of The Court in West Street.

Currently the base for Amsafe (Bridport-Gundry), The Court is one of the town’s few remaining rope and net-making works.

The proposal lodged by Bournemouth-based Lighthouse Land and Developments includes: “The refurbishment and remodelling of the Grade II Listed Court building to provide a mixed use development of commercial use on the ground floor and residential units on three floors above.”

The two-story warehouse/office building at the rear will be demolished to create additional parking and a new three-storey residential flat building.

The semi-detached cottages on West Street will be retained and refurbished.

The full application, plans and comments can be seen on dorsetforyou.com http://bit.ly/1EeMUPH

Justin Tunstall - Town Mill Cheesemonger

Business Questions: Town Mill Cheesemonger

Describe your business
Town Mill Cheesemonger is a West Country cheese specialist which also sells anything that will bring out the best in the cheese. In addition to that we sell scoop ice cream in the summer, because we are at a tourist site, but we really do specialise in cheese, rather than being a general deli.

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