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My Place... Bridport Town Hall Clock with Paul Violet

My Place… Bridport Town Hall Clock – Paul Violet

I am in charge of looking after the Town Hall clock — among other things! I live in the lodge at Bridport Cemetery. I am responsible for preparing the graves, liaising with the undertakers, and sometimes just having a cup of tea in the office with people visiting a grave who are just overcome with grief.

I am a mace-bearer for the Mayor and I look after the market when the superintendent is off.

My family are from Drimpton and I have been married to Clare for 27 years and have a daughter Becky, who’s 20.

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Henry Smith, in his garden at Bettiscombe

My Place… Bettiscombe — Henry Smith

I am really West Dorset, born and bred. I was born at Stoke Abbott in 1942 and I am 72 now

I have never lived further than four miles from where I was born. It’s true that there aren’t many people able to say that these days

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