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Sophie Wentworth invites you to listen to the birds

Sophie Wentworth Invites You to Listen to the Birds

If your bedroom window overlooks a garden or woodland, you will be keenly aware that the dawn chorus is in full swing. It may be a bit much, so early in the morning. But learn who is making all the noise, and you won’t mind being woken. In May, if you can walk through a wood with the birds invisible among the leaves and identify them all, and understand what they are saying, you will have gained a skill that gives pleasure for a lifetime.

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What are the bees up to in April?

What are the bees up to this month?

April is a busy month for honeybees and beekeepers. Even if cold, wet weather keeps the bees indoors some days, spring is inexorably here. When the bees can fly, there is plenty of forage for them. Warm, dry days allow access to millions of dandelions which yellow the meadows all month, and a hive full of bees, given access to this bonanza, can make 30lb of honey and lots of golden comb in a week or two.

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Mr Snail At My Lettuces!

Every garden is full of eyes watching and noses sniffing as you dig a deep hole, fill it with compost and install a carefully chosen plant. As early as next morning, you may realise that you have given an expensive treat to some ungrateful roe deer, mouse or slug. If the plant does survive its planting, the buds, flowers and especially the fruit will later be under attack.

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