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Owing to one of our team falling ill, we have had to delay the publishing of Yarn Magazine. The magazine is on hold indefinitely, but please contact us if you wish to advertise with us on the website.

Print Advert Sizes

Full page advert in Yarn Magazine

Standard: £350 (exc. VAT)

Inside Covers: £420 (exc. VAT)

Back Cover: £450 (exc. VAT)


Half page: £210 (exc. VAT)


Quarter page: £95 (exc. VAT)


Eighth page: £50 (exc. VAT)


Sixteenth page: £30 (exc. VAT)


Please refer to our advert dimensions guide to ensure you send us the correct size artwork in the correct format. Download a PDF here (200KB)

Download the media pack (PDF – 500KB)

Upload your artwork (via WeTransfer)

01308 428430 with any questions

Terms and Conditions

Advertisement payment terms:
All advertisements must be paid for in full at the time of booking unless credit has been agreed. The price shall be the amount fixed by our published rate card on the date of acceptance of the order, plus VAT as applicable.

By placing an order with us, an advertising agency confirms that it contracts as principal with full authority from its client in all matters connected with the order and is responsible for all payments due.

Yarn Magazine will only accept advertisements from advertising agencies if they are recognised by us. Yarn Magazine will try to give notice of any price increases, but we reserve the right to change our advertising rates at any time. This will not affect existing contracts, including any fixed term agreement for a series of advertisements.

Advertisers are responsible for ensuring their advertisements comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice. We reserve the right to reject any advertisement, or to require changes to it for any reason.

Advertisements are accepted on condition that the advertiser has cleared all copyright issues and that publication will not infringe any copyright, trademarks or other legal rights of any person or company. In supplying advertisements to Yarn Magazine, advertisers confirm that they have obtained any consent needed to refer to or portray people (expressly or impliedly) in the advertisement; and when appearing on any website:

  • will not, and will not attempt to, capture data or benefit from or retarget users using other websites, publications or products by any technological means, unless Yarn Magazine has given prior written permission to such activities and then only in accordance with the scope of that permission; and:
  • will not contain any virus or malware.

Where we believe that an advertisement is in contravention of any of these conditions we reserve the right, to suspend or terminate the advertisement, but do not assume the obligation to so. Where we remove an advertisement under this condition no refund will be given.

The copyright in work or material we contribute to or re-work for an advertisement belongs to Yarn Magazine and may not be used in another publication without our prior consent. We will dispose of advertiser’s copy, artwork, photographs or other materials after six months unless collected.

Series discounts apply to pre-paid orders only.

We will notify advertisers of the latest date for cancellations for each issue (the “booking deadline”). Cancellations must be received in writing before the relevant booking deadline.

Yarn Magazine will try to satisfy an advertiser’s request regarding the positioning of an advertisement, but no guarantee of position can be given unless agreed by us and paid for at the current rate.

Artwork format:
Please supply material as high-res, flattened PDFs or 300 DPI jpegs at the size required. We do not accept responsibility for the quality of reproduction of ads using artwork supplied.

See our dimensions guide (PDF – 200KB) for more information on the correct sizes and artwork formats to use.

Yarn Magazine is not liable for any error, misprint or non-appearance of an advertisement unless caused by our negligence, in which case the advertiser will be entitled to a re-insertion or proportionate refund.

The advertiser is solely responsible for checking the advertisement on each insertion and ordering correction where necessary. Except where we have been negligent, we shall not be liable for the repetition of an error, which is not notified to us in time for correction. Nor are we liable for an error or misprint that, in our reasonable opinion, does not materially detract from the advertisement. We shall not be liable in any case for losses relating to any business or public fund-raising of the advertiser, such as lost customers, revenue or profit.

We reserve the right to refuse job adverts, at our discretion. In cases where this applies, we will issue a full refund for the fee of the advert.

We reserve the right to cut down or summarise job descriptions, in order to achieve a format that best fits the Jobs in West Dorset newsletter, or posts on the Bridport Notice Facebook page. If you have a long job description you would like to be available, please include a link to it in the job description when filling out the information in your job advert.

Jobs do not automatically appear on the Yarn Magazine website, as the system is not automated. We check for new job posts a number of times per day, and your advert will always get a full seven days of being shown on the Jobs page of our website. We will schedule your job post on the Bridport Notice Facebook page to a suitable time, usually during weekends and evenings, when more people are online and browsing Facebook.

Job posts on the Bridport Notice Facebook page are not paid for. You can still inform us about your vacancy via posting it on the Bridport Notice timeline, or private messaging the page. Owing to time constraints, there is no guarantee that all jobs are posted on the page, but we do out best to list all the jobs we find on there.

When adding your vacancy to the Jobs in West Dorset newsletter, we reserve the right to use your company’s logo above the listing. If we cannot find a logo, or a logo we find is not high enough resolution, we will create a simple text logo instead. You can also send us your logo, in any format, by emailing ads@yarnmagazine.co.uk

This package does not include a listing in the Yarn Magazine printed edition.

Any complaints from advertisers regarding advertisements must be made in writing within one month of publication.