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Watch a video of dolphins swimming alongside Bridport Gig Club's junior team

Young giggers row with dolphins

Bridport Gig Club’s junior team’s efforts were rewarded this weekend when they were treated to an extraordinary row alongside dolphins, in front of West Bay’s cliffs.

A video, posted to the Bridport Notice Facebook page (which Yarn Magazine runs), was played nearly 10,000 times in under 12 hours. It was shown nearly 30,000 Facebook users in that same time span.

UPDATE: As of 27th July, the video has been played nearly 50,000 times, and has been shared by the likes of Country Living Magazine and the official Visit England tourism page. It has also been featured on various national newspapers’ websites, as well as, we’re told, CBS in America!

Dolphins frolic with Bridport Gig Club rowers!

Bridport Gig Club's successful junior team were rewarded on Saturday by rowing alongside dolphins, in front of the spectacular cliffs of West Bay. Quite a sight!Rob Shopland, cox to the boat on Saturday, said that it was only the second time he's seen them in four-and-a-half years. Thank you to Mike Jones, Carol Marsh and the whole of Bridport Gig Club for letting us use this footage. Please share with your friends to show off how beautiful our area is!Find out more about Bridport Gig Club, and become a member, on their website: http://www.bridportgigclub.org

Posted by Bridport Notice on Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Mike Jones, communications officer for Bridport Gig Club said “it must be karma. The Juniors have won three out of their last four regattas.”

The video was shot on an iPhone belonging to Carol Marsh (who is in the video at the front of the boat), mostly by the cox, Rob Shopland.

“Your timing is all over the place guys,” Rob calls out. “There’s no excuse!

“In four-and-a-half years, this is actually only the second time I’ve seen them. Once was Boxing Day, three years ago, or something, and this is the only other time.”

More details about Bridport Gig Club can be found on their website: bridportgigclub.org

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