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YOGASPACE in Bridport - Yarn Magazine yoga review

Yoga Review – YOGASPACE

YOGASPACE, Bridport, various classes (including Vinyasa Flow, Fridays, 12-1pm, £8)
Tel: 01308 424161 / 07792 056019. www.yogaspacebridport.com

We are lucky to have so many special spaces in Bridport, and now we can add a dedicated yoga studio to the list! As befits a yoga studio in Bridport, it looks out directly to Colmer’s Hill.

View of Colmer's Hill at YOGASPACE - Yarn Magazine yoga review

Janie and Aquila have set the studio up beautifully, with an calm, airy feel — looking up in Trikonasana, the sight of the magnificent beams above makes you stretch that little bit more to reach towards them. I caught a glimpse of wonderful additions such as a Tibetan singing bowl which, along with a full range of blocks and bolsters, make this a special place, exclusive for yoga.

I tried out one of Janie’s Vinyasa Flow classes, which is an open level class, although some yoga experience is recommended, and/or a reasonable level of fitness.

Vinyasa Flow is about moving with the breath and is an uplifting style, which is energetic and definitely strengthens your core (I could feel it the next day!)

Every yoga teacher has their own style and Janie’s is calm yet authoritative. She makes subtle adjustments and her continual guidance ensures that your mind stays firmly focused.

The interior of YOGASPACE - Yarn Magazine yoga review

Janie didn’t guide us through the relaxation in Savasana (lying down), but instead did some very soothing Thai Yoga style massage, ever-so gently stretching yet relaxing your arms and legs, whilst the scent of vetiver oil was apparent — I really enjoyed this and felt totally relaxed and peaceful.

Driving afterwards, I could feel the joyful warmth nourishing my lower back, but not feeling drowsy (the worst bit if you drive to a yoga class is, normally, having to drive afterwards), creating a wonderful balance.

Summary: the perfect balance of feeling invigorated yet absolutely blissed out ready for the weekend.

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