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Yoga review of Alice Chutter's class in The Ballroom at The Bull Hotel, Bridport

Yoga Review – Alice Chutter

Alice Chutter, Ballroom at The Bull Hotel, Bridport (Tuesdays, 7:30-9pm, £7.50)
Tel: 07528 575907. Email: yoga@alicechutter.com. Website: www.alicechutter.com

Alice’s popular Vinyasa class, in the elegant surroundings of The Bull Hotel’s Ballroom, is a wonderful one-and-a-half hour retreat.

Drawing upon her extensive travelling background, Alice adopts different influences in her approach. She adeptly talks through the asana whilst providing precise demonstrations.

Alice had themed the class around the full moon and explained how it can affect us in different ways. She created a ‘mandala’ session in which we used all four corners of our mats — a joyful, new experience for me. Despite being based around a celestial body, it was a very grounding practice. This series of asana was strong, yet with the vinyasa flow style, it felt (almost) effortless!

Alice Chutter's yoga class at the Ballroom in The Bull Hotel, Bridport

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of energising vinyasa with a relevant meditation and relaxation afterwards, then this is a great class for you.

Alice closed the session with the soothing sound of a singing bowl, which was mesmerising in the vastness of the ballroom. I definitely did feel rejuvenated yet still and, testament to her skills as a teacher, there were no adverse stretches, aches or pains the next day.

Summary: Fabulous energy with an enthusiastic and gifted teacher.

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