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A Dorset fingerpost sign

No-one’s pointing the finger, but…

Now then. If you live in the Bride Valley, could you have a look in your under-stairs cupboard for a vital part of Long Bredy’s fingerpost? The parish council is having a go at restoring the village’s traditional old and rather weary signposts.

An important mission, because one wrong turn in that neck of the woods will send you merrily on your way to Abbotsbury and the dragons there be beyond, when you wanted to get to the great metropolis of Dorchester.

However, it has come to the notice of the councillors that the original roundel from the top of the post — the one that says where you are, as opposed to where you might want to go — has disappeared.

In fact it may have disappeared quite some time ago, no doubt for a perfectly good reason.

So the good Gwen Kinghorn, Parish Clerk, would rather like it back.

If you know where it is, please do let her know.

And if it does turn up in someone’s glory hole, that someone could do the village a good turn by returning it — and they could even sponsor a “finger” on the shiny, newly refurbished post. Good hunting!

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