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It was the bluebells what done it!

The secret is out – Broadies who have were glued to their TV screens for a couple of months can now breathe again.

But Broadchurch is a town wrapped in secrets – and one of them involves a very well-known Bridport landmark – and those bluebells.

From the start of Chris Chibnall’s second series of the ITV drama, filmed in West Bay, bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta, appropriately enough) were a recurring feature.

Even the publicity shot for the series featured the cast standing on East Beach, ankle-deep in flowers growing well out of their comfort zone.

But few people know that the picture was taken not dangerously close to the cliff, but in Bridport Town Hall.

Under conditions of absolute secrecy the hall was booked for two days, a couple of vanloads of real, out-of season bluebells were smuggled in and “planted” in front of a huge backdrop.

The cast members quietly arrived one by one, and the photographers got on with their digital alchemy, producing all the bluebell shots used in the series.

Bridport or Broadchurch – same town, new secrets…

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